“You Are Here”| 2019 Track Course Start/Return Maps

There is always a lot to remember when you are in race mode but the most important part is knowing where you are at and where you are going. To help with this, we have made a number of specific Track and course maps to help you get oriented as you read through the Rider’s Handbook.

Save to your phone, Print it out, and definitely Share them!

International Course Start Location Maps

Mountain Track Course Start Location Maps

Event Map Updated for 2018

Check out the new two track configuration for 2018. Yes, running two tracks this year!


2017 FIM World Records and AMA National Records Listed (Pending ratification)

Congratulations to all racers that achieved an FIM World Records and/or AMA National Record!

All records are pending Ratification/Certification by the sanctioning bodies. Impound logs and scrutineering sheets will be checked, before confirmation of the records. We’ll be adding run logs for ALL motorcycles to our website soon.

See the results here or click the ‘Results’ tab in the menu.

BMST 2017 (AMA Land Speed Grand Championship): August 26-31


Edwards Racing: Photo: Scooter Grubb www.scootershoots.com


It’s a new year and like you we are getting ready to race.

Dates for the event!

2017 August 26-31

Registration for Volunteers opening soon!

Early bird registration — Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for new rules updates and new opportunities to enter the record books this year at Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, the AMA Land Speed Grand Championship.

See you on the Salt!

Ready to set an FIM World Record? Licensing Packets!

Setting an FIM World Record…

  • Takes preparation, using skills that you have honed over the course of your motorcycling career.
  • Takes perspiration, building the machine that will push the limits of engineering and speed.
  • Takes paperwork… FIM Licensing Packets are available now!

 Get ready for your FIM World Record attempt with the 2016 FIM Licensing Packet

USA Residents FIM 2016 Packet Download- Click Here (PDF download)
International Residents 2016 FIM packet download- Click Here (pdf download)

See you on the Salt!

Delvene Manning
Owner/Event Manager
Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials
Aug 27-Sept 1 2016

Forget the Politics.. Get Ready to Race!


It’s the political season and every channel, radio station, and Facebook post has some sort of politics on it.

As you know, there is a lot of interest in looking at the long term health of the salt flats. Everyone has an opinion of what to do but no one has a solution. We’re involved in the discussion but our focus is on our competitors. Our focus is on providing the premier land speed racing event. Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, the AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, is gearing up  to race this year, with permits in hand and volunteers working behind the scenes.

You’re a competitor… Forget the politics. Ignore the fear.
Get in your shop.  Get your bike ready.

It’s time for you to get ready to race against history.

See you on the Salt!

Delvene Manning
Owner/Event Manager
Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

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Registration is Open for BMST 2016!


Get ready to race… 2016 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, the AMA Land Speed Grand Championship Registration is Open! 

Did you register for 2015? All V.I.R Sponsors and Rollover have been automatically transferred to 2016. In the next two weeks you will receive notification on how to confirm your registration details, and make any updates needed.