ExpiredFIM World Record Registration 2019

  • Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, AMA Land Speed Grand Championship
    08/24/2019 - 08/29/2019
    09:00 - 15:00

Please note: In addition to this registration all FIM participants must register for their FIM license and submit a World Record Application. FIM forms can be downloaded from the Entry page.


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You will need to have the following information:
-Contact person details
-Rider Details (Name, address, AMA #, Medical- emergency contact, physician, insurance, DOB, allergies etc)
-Team/MC details (MC #, Make Model, Class details)
-Misc Info for Radio announces (Sponsors, PB, Records Etc).

Information can be updated after original submission if needed by logging back in and selecting your registration in your account.

Entry includes:

Also 1/2 price entry for you and crew members when purchase with entry.


Venue Website:

Bonneville Speedway Rd, Wendover, Utah, 84083, United States


Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway, near Wendover, Utah USA.