Riders meeting 0800 (mandatory)

Racing is getting started with the riders meeting! Head over and get the latest on racing today. Also onFM 89.7

No lines at the gate! 

Thanks to our awesome gate volunteers we closed out the line 10:00! Have a great day setting up pits and getting scruitineered. 

BMST 2016 Open!

You’ve planned you’ve waited more than year, you’re ready to race, and the salt is open. Have a great week breaking records!

BMST 2016 Gates open at 9AM

img_0264.jpgGates open for BMS T 2016 at 9 AM. Enter the salt, set up your pits, go to registration, get scruitineered, and get gas (ERC Gas Truck opens by noon) for your bike from 9AM onwards. Remember… There is no rush as racing doesn’t start till Sunday!

Ready to set an FIM World Record? Licensing Packets!

Setting an FIM World Record…

  • Takes preparation, using skills that you have honed over the course of your motorcycling career.
  • Takes perspiration, building the machine that will push the limits of engineering and speed.
  • Takes paperwork… FIM Licensing Packets are available now!

 Get ready for your FIM World Record attempt with the 2016 FIM Licensing Packet

USA Residents FIM 2016 Packet Download- Click Here (PDF download)
International Residents 2016 FIM packet download- Click Here (pdf download)

See you on the Salt!

Delvene Manning
Owner/Event Manager
Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials
Aug 27-Sept 1 2016

Forget the Politics.. Get Ready to Race!


It’s the political season and every channel, radio station, and Facebook post has some sort of politics on it.

As you know, there is a lot of interest in looking at the long term health of the salt flats. Everyone has an opinion of what to do but no one has a solution. We’re involved in the discussion but our focus is on our competitors. Our focus is on providing the premier land speed racing event. Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, the AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, is gearing up  to race this year, with permits in hand and volunteers working behind the scenes.

You’re a competitor… Forget the politics. Ignore the fear.
Get in your shop.  Get your bike ready.

It’s time for you to get ready to race against history.

See you on the Salt!

Delvene Manning
Owner/Event Manager
Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

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