A Place To Race: Courses Surveyed and Certified

We will be racing. The engineers were out and we have TWO courses to run on this year. Details about the course locations and updated maps will be provided as the course is built and additional dry locations are evaluated. Look to this site and sign up for our Facebook page to get the latest information straight to you.


Reminder: New Rules On Bike Identification

Everyone participating has probably read the rules governing their class dozens of times. This is a reminder that new rules for bike identification are in effect. Basically it boils down to making sure the volunteers and the tower crew can actually read your bike number as you head down course to break a record. Please take a look at the rules and make sure that you have numbers and bike class posted accordingly. We’re all hoping this will help make the whole event run better and we can get more bikes down the course and spend less time comparing notes on who might be on course!

 Review the full rules here!


Motorcycle number and class identification on both sides of the

motorcycle are required for each participant. Numbers shall be

reserved with organizer. The number class shall be displayed

within a reasonably flat, smooth, vertical surface with a minimum dimension

of 7.5 in high and 10.5 in wide, with a maximum of 8.5in by 11in.

Motorcycle numbers must be a minimum of 3 in high and 1 in

wide. Class designation shall be a min of 1in high. Numbers/letters

shall not be shaded or outlined. The surface may be on the

motorcycle, or number plates may be used. Where used, number

plates shall have 1in radius corners, be securely mounted, meet the

dimensions and shall not extend beyond the rear edge of the rear tire.

Numbers shall be in full view and not blocked by the rider

when in the riding position. A change in rider/class requires a

change of numbers/class identification on the motorcycle.


SCTA Speed Week Update

The news is in and SCTA Southern California Timing Association Speed Week has been cancelled. All of us at BMST share our support for the teams and volunteers that had to make a tough decision. Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials is still “ON” and we are looking forward to some great racing starting the 23rd of August!

Participant and Crew Pit/Gate Pass Entry is Open

As with any volunteer operation we’re trying to find the best way to get the job done. We’re embracing some new technologies this year and using the website to help manage registration and cut down on trips to the post office. All participants will be receiving email with instructions for creating a gate pass for themselves and their crew as well as info on special discounts on weekly passes for direct friends and family.

Thank you for your patience as we work through streamlining the process so you can get on the salt!

Register for Gate Passes

 Questions? Contact the Entry Coordinator


Brough Superior on the Travel Channel UK


Brough Superior is on TV starting this week!
Read more about their show and watch the event on the UK Travel Channel!

AMA 2013 Championship Banquet


All National Champions were invited to attend the Championship Banquet hosted by the AMA in January in Columbus, OH. This event highlighted the champions from each discipline in the AMA and was a fun recognition of the efforts of the racers, support crew and promoters.