Event Schedule

Gate/Pit Access
Racing Times #
RegistrationScrutineeringRider’s Meeting and Rider OrientationFuel Truck AccessGeneral Info
Friday Aug 2707:00-18:00
Volunteer Event Setup
10:00- 17:00
V.I.R. Pit Setup
VIR, Sponsors & Volunteers only
Saturday Aug 2809:30-18:00NO RACING10:00–16:3010:30–17:0016:00 Rider Orientation (Rookie Rider required)10:00-16:00Merchandise Sales: Noon onwards
Sunday Aug 2906:00-20:0009:00 - 1700 
09:00 - 18:00#
07:00-18:0007:00-18:0008:00 Rider's Meeting (ALL Riders required)08:00-16:00
Monday Aug 3006:00-20:0007:00-17:00
07:30- 18:00#
07:00-18:0007:00-18:00Prior to track opening08:00-16:0020:00 Legends Gathering
LOCATION: Wendover Community Center
Tuesday Aug 3106:00-20:0007:00-17:00
07:30- 18:00#
07:00-18:0007:00-18:00Prior to track opening08:00-16:0018:30
Pit Bike Parade
Wednesday Sept 1 06:00-20:0007:00-17:00
07:30- 18:00#
07:00-18:0007:00-18:00Prior to track opening08:00-16:00
Thursday Sept 206:00-14:0007:00-13:00
07:30- 15:00#
Pre-Entered additional Class/Rider
or RWB Only
07:00 - 11:30am
Pre-Entered additional Class/Rider
or RWB Only
Prior to track opening08:00-10:00*Clean Up*
13:00 onwards

Awards Party
8pm – 11pm
Friday Sept 3


Clean Up Day!

#All Racing times are dependent on the weather and course conditions advertised times may be moved forward or extended.

Times are subject to change at the discretion of the event promoters and all efforts will be made to notify participants via FM radio station our website and social media during our event. Information will be available in the Information/Registration area regarding times during the event. All entry types run at all times (FIM, AMA or Run Watcha Brung). All items on the schedule occur at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, excluding the Awards party.

*Awards party will be held in the  TBD.
Tickets are required/seating is first come first serve.